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The world of sports for all games has come a long way in recent years, and here we explore some of the most exciting ones being played around the world.

Snowboarding Motivated Amy Purdy to Continue Living Life Her Way!

Copyright (c) 2012 SnowAnd

To observers snowboarding is just another action sport. Such individuals have a difficult time understanding why some snowboarders love spending their holidays and weekends on the slopes. Why they are so finicky about selecting snowboards for sale? To a non-snowboarders all snowboards might look the same, however a passionate snowboarder would tell you the difference between snowboards for sale in detail. Snowboarding is an amazing sport that has made a huge difference in countless individuals' lives. Take Amy Purdy for example, according to her, she dreamt of snow as a kid in the heat of Las Vegas desert and then one day, at the age of 14 she discovered snowboarding and fell in love with it. As a teenager she used to utilize every holiday and weekend off to go snowboarding. Purdy wanted a life filled with adventure and at the age of nineteen she was ready to fly.

Things took a drastic turn, when one day out of the blue Amy collapsed. In 24 hours, she was put on life support because her lungs weren't working. What Amy had thought was a just a flu the previous day, turned out to be the deadly disease meningitis. The harmful bacteria attack the protective membranes of an individual's brain and spinal cord causing severe damage to the patient's body. In Amy's case, the meningitis not only cost her legs but also her spleen, a kidney and the hearing in her left ear. According to Amy, losing her legs was actually the 'easiest part.' When Amy woke up from coma, she had to start her life over again and it wasn't easy.

According to her speech on Tedx, when she first saw her rubber and chunky legs it was too painful. She wondered how she is going to travel and lead the adventurous life she wanted. Amy remembered her passion for snowboarding and she didn't want to give it up. Amy spent long periods of time wondering if and how she could continue on with her life. That's when she realized that her life was exactly that, her life and that it was up to her to conitue on, it was up to her to make things happen, life was hers to map the way she wants. After the realization that she could still continue with her adventurous lifestyle, Amy started seeing her amputated legs as a blessing, suddenly Amy figured out that he had the upper hand when it came to her legs.

For example, now she can be as tall as she wants, her legs will never feel cold during snowboarding and she even can try any shoe size she wants. These thoughts and ideas pushed her to walk again and soon she was back on a snowboard but It wasn't an easy journey. When Amy first started to snowboard with her new legs she discovered they weren't suitable for riding and no snowboard store or any of the many different snowboards for sale would help her with her new leg issues. This led to Amy designing her own snowboards. By using her brain and by not giving up, she came up with special snowboard that worked well with her new legs and after what seemed like a lifetime, Amy was finally back on the snow and doing the things she loves the most.

Today, Amy Purdy has three World Cup gold medals in adaptive snowboarding and when she's not out riding she loves to skate wakeboard. She is an actress, entrepreneur, model and a makeup artist who's biggest challenge turned into her her biggest strength. In her speech on Tedx, she confessed she wouldn't change a thing in her life. Her passion for life and snowboarding pushed her to continue with pursuing the things she loved.

This is why everybody needs a passion in their life. For Amy it was snowboarding and her dreams for new adventure. For us, it's snowboarding and finding the correct snowboard for sale has never been easier! Get moving now, go find a snowboard that fits you and get your butt up the hill!


Generation Y and Extreme Sports

Since 1998, the largest increases in sports participation and viewing have come from the realm of what are dubbed extreme sports. The changes come as generation Y, also known as "echo boomers," are beginning to take center stage in our culture. Generation Y, an impressive group of over 70 million, is perhaps most well known for its contempt for authority and willingness to take risks. Many companies continue to scramble to understand the implications of marketing and employing echo boomers as this generation begins to reach maturity and enter the workforce.

The common underlying theme within all extreme sports are their potential for danger. For the most part, these sports are solitary activities that allow for some amount of escape from reality and supervision - although there are a few team exceptions. Extreme sports are known for the adrenaline rush that they produce, not only in participation but often also in the act of observation. Those who study the trends understand that extreme sports aren't simply a fad - they are here to stay.

Paintball - While paintball can be taken to the extreme of individual participation in mass extermination rounds, it is often considered one of the exceptions to the "no team" aspect of extreme sports. Considered by many to be at the tame end of the spectrum, paintball involves simulated battlefield play using paint-filled pellet ammunition. The realism alone is enough to produce an adrenaline rush when playing. Individuals in a paintball match are faced with being hunted and dodging rounds while stalking their prey.

Kiteboarding - Kiteboarding, sometimes also called Kitesurfing - involves a modified surfboard with a large parachute-style sail attached. In 2008 a French kitesurfer became the first person to break the 50 knot per hour barrier and became the world record holder for fastest sailing speed. Kiteboarding usually features extreme speeds and/or gravity defying tricks and stunts performed around wakes. Because of the speeds involved, kiteboarders need to be aware of and follow the general laws of boating. Many popular beaches have banned kitesurfing due to safety concerns and high traffic.

Base Jumping - Base jumping, similar to bungee jumping, involves jumping from fixed objects with the use of a parachute or a wingsuit/parachute combination. The term base is actually an acronym that stands for the different types of fixed objects that one can jump from - building, antenna, span, or earth. Base jumping is frequently referred to as one of the more dangerous extreme sports as small errors can result in fatalities.

Extreme Skating - Extreme skating is also sometimes referred to as aggressive inline skating. Much like skateboarding, extreme skating involves the performance of tricks and aerial stunts. The inline skates used are specially developed to enhance the performance of stunts and tricks. Although aggressive skating was removed from the X-games in 2005, it continues to be a popular street sport.

While these are just a few extreme sports that echo boomers have continued to make popular, you can see from this small sample the common thread of chasing the adrenaline rush. While many extreme sports produce this rush through gravity defying tricks and stunts, not all depend upon the free fall rush. Many extreme sports involve the risk of pain, injury, or even death and ironically hearken back to the dangers involve in sports during the ancient times of Greece and Rome.


Essential Kayak Accessories

Planning a long journey in a kayak needs to be carefully thought out. You may think that your trip will be a leisurely paddle along a sedate river and therefore may not consider taking along some essential kayak accessories.

From experience I can tell you that you should always plan for the unexpected and just because the river you are intending to paddle does not look like it could cause you any hardship, any river is potentially a dangerous place especially if you fail to pack the necessary kayak accessories that could save your life.

The most important items you will need are a life jacket or buoyancy aid, a light or torch, a good quality rope, a paddle leash, a mobile phone and last but not least a fellow paddler.

Even if you believe you are an accomplished swimmer you should never go kayaking without a life jacket or buoyancy aid as part of your kayak accessories. There are many unexpected events and obstacles that can be found on any river and being a strong swimmer will not help you if you accidentally knock yourself out by tipping over and hitting a rock or over hanging tree, but a life jacket will.

A good quality rope that floats should also be an essential item in your kayak accessories as you never know when you will need to throw a life line if you get stranded and need to be towed or pulled out of the river.

More than once I have found I have not planned my journey time correctly or have been faced with unexpected obstacles that have caused delays and as a sunny day turned quickly into night I have been glad I have brought a torch as part of my kayak accessories. Secondly a knife is an essential part of your kit bag in case you ever need to cut yourself free from falling in and getting tangled in weeds.

It is very easy to become lost on a river or estuary despite careful planning as rivers and especially tidal estuaries are forever changing. Being able to use a mobile phone to get you out of trouble is vital.

If at all possible you should always go kayaking with a friend in case of an emergency or accident. If there is someone there on the spot ready to help, it could save your life.

If you are considering camping overnight then there are many other essential kayak accessories you should consider taking with you. You must always pack your kayak carefully making sure the weight is evenly spread and your kayak accessories are not overloading the boat. Make sure you also pack a change of warm clothes and plenty of food and water.

These things are some of the essential kayak accessories you will need before you even think about items such as cameras, fishing rods, books and other non essential items.


Sunglasses For Style, Sport, and Life

Athletes across the board, in every sport, amateurs and professionals alike, wear sunglasses and use eyewear products. Bikers, surfers, skiers, boarders, you name it.

Whether it's volleyball on the beach, wakeboarding, or professional car racing, high performance is expected by these go-getters and failure is not an option. The quest for perfection starts with their training and touches every aspect of their lives: their equipment, clothing and even accessories like sunglasses.

When it comes to sunglasses, the choice of style and comfort level is very personal. If the glasses are too dark, and too little light reaches the eyes, vision is obviously impaired. Of course, if the lens is not dark enough, then the excessive brightness can cause problems including blinding glare.

You need to ensure, then, that you wear sunglasses designed to allow the proper amount of ambient light in order for you to maintain good vision, while protecting your eyes from the entire spectrum of ultra violet rays (UVA, UVB and UVC). Although it may seem pretty basic, if you're squinting behind your sunglasses because of excessive glare, then you're much more likely to feel the effects of eyestrain and headaches.

A less obvious benefit of wearing sunglasses (uber-athlete or not!) is that they protect your eyes from wind. Not only can wind dry out your eyes (and contact lenses if you wear them), which is quite uncomfortable, but it can blow dirt and dust into your eyes.

Having something in your eye of course immediately impairs your vision, it hurts like the dickens, and it can actually cause long-term damage by scratching the cornea. The best sunglasses for wind protection have close-fitting frames that wrap around your face and hug your head. These need to fit just right; otherwise you'll wind up with a headache, so make sure they're adjustable.

Certainly you don't have to be a sports fanatic or fighter pilot to reap the benefits of wearing sunglasses. People from all walks of life and those of all ages benefit from wearing sunglasses -- starting from little kids, whose eyes are more sensitive than adults and who should get used to putting on sunglasses from an early age.

More and more studies show that people who wear sunglasses regularly over the years tend to have lower occurrences of cataract formation later in life, and so establishing the habit early on (as we now know to do with sunscreen lotions) seems to be beneficial.


Bike shoes- Their Types and benefits

From shorter rides to longer rides on your bicycles, next to your bicycles, cycling shoes make up for the most important part of your overall riding experience. Although riding is possible with wide range of shoes, manufacturers design certain shoes for specific purposes to keep you safe from the potential threats of injuries and accidents.

Cycling shoes are different from any other footwear because their structure and design are meant to make pedaling more comfortable. Thus, wearing such shoes when riding a bike is a good idea for your safety reasons.

Cycling shoes can be chosen depending on your style of cycling. Nowadays there are variants for cycling off road, on the road, or for casual riding. Thus, there are different types of cycling shoes too to enable you to pedal more efficiently and with less fatigue. There are literally hundreds of different biking shoes for you to choose from. However, here are some of the major types of bike shoes that you should consider and hence decide which type of shoe best fit you needs:

* Road cycling shoes: With rigid soles and smooth bottom, road cycling shoes are made to be used with road bikes that tend to be lighter in weight compared to other cycling shoes.
* Spinning shoes: It is one of the latest improvements in the field of biking shoes. These are light weight shoes that resemble road cycling shoes. They are designed to be worn indoors and hence their soles lack the durability of shoes worn with traditional bicycles.
* Mountain biking shoes: It is also similar to road biking shoes but with two major differences. They tend to be heavier and possess heavy duty lug soles that are designed for walking, hiking and carrying your bike over rough terrain and out of the forest. They can either be worn with clip less pedals or pedals that use toe loops.
* Touring bike shoes: Touring is a hybrid between road and mountain biking shoes. They can be configured to use toe loops and clip less pedals and are designed to deliver more comfort. These shoes too are perfect for walking as well as riding.

These are four main kinds of cycling shoes that are made specifically for different types of biking including touring, off road biking, spinning, and racing as well. When considering which biking shoes to choose, look for one that breathes well and fits comfortably into your feet.

Article Source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/shopping-articles/shoes-footwear-articles/bike-shoes-their-types-benefits-1427151.html


The Nature of Extreme Sports

Extremely bored from the daily repetitive chores that you have been doing for ages now? Try some extremely exciting, thrilling, and fun activities such as the extreme sports. If you want some adrenalin rush in doing certain activity, these extremely thrilling sports are your best venues. The said sports are considered to be extreme because they naturally and intrinsically involve high levels of danger, possibility of injury, and risks. The variables in these kinds of sports are too plenty and loose for the person to conveniently assume safety and security. These activities are mostly for adults or mature people only because of the seriousness of the risks and injury that are indispensably included. However, despite these risks, majority of those who engage in extreme sports are in their youthful age still. This is explained by the fact that the youth are typically risk-taker and adventurous in nature. Other sports enthusiasts even call this type of activity as a counter-culture because of the nature that it clearly goes against the socially accepted calculated risks that anyone can openly and publicly take into in doing certain sports. The counter-cultural aspect of these extreme sports has made such activities more interesting and exciting especially for the youth.

Extreme sports are highly physical in nature. They generally involve great amount of bodily efforts, and seriously thrilling but risky speed and height that make your adrenaline rush at its fastest pace while at the same time the participant of the sport applies mental and emotional strength in focus and determination in finishing the entire activity. The difference with the traditional sports from the extreme ones is that the latter are often performed alone or in solitary as compared to the latter where other players or teammates play the game altogether. This means that by the very nature of extreme sports itself, the player gets to learn independence and skills all by oneself as the person engages the thrills and calculated dangers of an extreme sport. Independence and skills enhancement are only among the benefits that the person playing any extreme sport can certainly get, assuming that he or she successfully finishes the game alive, which normally happens though despite some high numbers of injured athletic individuals.

Verily, this type of undertaking is not only extremely thrilling and consciousness waking but it is also highly beneficial for the person's motivation, strength, and skills. There are a lot of different extreme sports nowadays and they keep on getting more and more extreme. Nevertheless, technological advancements have also provided the players of this activity specific and highly effective sports gears and equipment that assist the players in providing them safety and security as they engage in the said extreme sport. These different extreme sports have also indoor training and practice venues so that anyone who desires to participate in the actual sport can have some basic and essential training before he or she gets into the real action. These precautionary measures are not intended to lessen or lower the risks but only to provide for training and preparation for the person to have a sneak peek of what lies ahead should he or she continue to participate in any extreme sport.


Top 5 Jet Ski Destinations in the Western US

Jet skis provide a great way to have a ton of fun in the sun. They give you the freedom to control where you go and what you do on the water. This article will provide you with information on the Top 5 Jet Ski Destinations in the Western U.S. Whether you're planning a vacation or just want to have some fun, the following will be beneficial to you.

Riding a jet ski is an exciting way to enjoy the water and it can provide hours of fun. If you love the water, the wind in your hair, the sun on your face and the thrill of an adrenaline rush, you'll love riding a jet ski!

Jet skis are designed to provide the enjoyment of water sports. You can find jet ski rentals just about anywhere there's an ocean or a lake or at a local ski shop. Most people prefer to rent right on the water so they can just hop on and take off. We've compiled a list of the Top 5 Jet Ski destinations in the Western United States, so you know where to go to have fun. Here they are (in no particular order):

1. Lake Powell. You can rent a jet ski in a little town just 6 miles from Lake Powell, called Page, Arizona. Lake Powell is located in the area of Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. It has 1,900 miles of shore line, covers 180 miles, have four marinas and some of the cleanest, clearest blue water in the U.S. Lake Powell is located in the Glen Canyon Recreation Area National Park - there are no jet ski restrictions!

2. Morro Bay Harbor. Morro Bay Harbor, near San Luis Obisbo, offers excellent access to the ocean. It is the only all-weather small craft commercial and recreational harbor between Santa Barbara and Monterey. There is no charge to launch, but freshwater rinse is required (for a couple of quarters). The speed limit in the bay is 5mph, but the open ocean is fair game. Big waves to jump (4'-15'+) along miles of deserted beach south of the harbor will keep you busy, not to mention the scenery and wildlife.

3. Columbia River. The Columbia River is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. It stretches from British Columbia through Washington state, forming much of the border between Washington and Oregon before emptying into the Pacific Ocean. The river is 1,243 miles long, and its drainage basin is 258,000 square miles. Whether you're in Washington or Oregon, the Columbia River provides a great place to jet ski - especially if you like your waters a little on the chilly side. Rental prices and fees vary depending on where you launch. There are literally hundreds of miles of boat free/people free places to ride!

4. Lake Mohave. A short drive north of Laughlin, Nevada and Bullhead City, Arizona is a 67-mile stretch of the Colorado River called Lake Mohave. The lake is comparatively narrow, not more than 4 miles across at its widest point. Lake Mohave is part of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. This lake is perfect for recreation - jet skis, houseboats, boats, etc - and there are plenty of places to launch. PLUS, there are about 10 casinos to choose from along the Colorado River, so have fun!

5. Santa Monica Bay. A great public launch site in Southern California is the Santa Monica Bay. It's only $5.00 per day including trailer. The waters are warm, the scenery is gorgeous and aquatic life is abundant. Oh, and you're in SoCal! What more could you ask for?


3 Skiing Safety Tips To Avoid Injury On The Slopes And Trails

When at the end of the day you can sit with good company for dinner, warming by the fire and having a few drinks, ahhh pure joy. However we all know the hidden dangers on the slopes and trails. It's part of enjoying the sport and we are all aware of it.

If you are new or have limited experience with skiing it's a good idea to take some lessons at the slopes. Be honest about your skiing ability. When you take lessons this will matter. It is important so that you can get the most out of your instruction. You could end up hurting yourself by trying a move you aren't capable of doing correctly. So even though it may not seem important, you should take it seriously because of the possibility for injury to yourself or others.

Ski trails are rated typically by skill level. These ratings were created by the pros at these resorts because they know what they are talking about. Never attempt a trail that is clearly beyond your ability as you'll be inviting disaster.

If you're a skier who loves to go to your favorite mountain on the weekend, then you've seen the times when the place is just packed. These are the times you need to be extra careful and aware on the trails. You will no doubt run into those rude ski bunnies who just don't care about anyone else's safety. There is however a code of ethics for skiers too that has a goal of keeping everyone as safe as possible. So be sure you give the right-of-way to those who deserve it, and be courteous and extra alert at all times.

It is more than possible to have a total blast on the slopes in just about all conditions. So play it safe so you can return to play on the slopes another day.


Everything You Need to Know about Renting a Snowmobile

Renting a snowmobile will provide you a great way to have a ton of fun -- as long as you know what you're doing and drive safely! This article will provide you with information about renting a snowmobile and how to stay safe when you're out in the snow. Whether you're a seasoned expert or just getting started, the following will be beneficial to you.

So, you've traveled to some snowy vacation destination and you want to rent a snowmobile, eh? Well, we've been there done that and we're ready to share all of our snowmobile renting secrets with you! Here goes:

First, there are some things you need to know before you rent one. Each state requires that the snowmobile be licensed or registered. Most places you rent from will already have this taken care of, but it doesn't hurt to check and make sure before you sign your name on the dotted line. Also, some states may require a special permit or license for driving a snowmobile and some may even require that you take a safety course, too. It's best to check with the Department of Motor Vehicles in the state that you're planning to rent in.

Now that we've got that covered, you'll probably want to find a place that rents snowmobiles. Here's the answer: Basically anywhere there's snow! You can find a rental shop near ski lodges, in ski towns -- everywhere. The easiest way to find a place to rent them, however, is just to look them up online depending on where you're located. Be sure to read online reviews about the rental company before you rent from them -- you could find out information that could save you from a lot of trouble later on!

If this is your first time renting a snowmobile, there are many things you should consider. Are you riding alone or will you be taking another rider with you? Are you riding on trails or up in the mountains? These questions will help you choose which type to rent. There are basically 4 different types of snowmobiles you can rent:

Beginner: Beginner snowmobiles are also called trail models. These snowmobiles are equipped with engines ranging from 60-70 horsepower. They are easy to ride and relatively inexpensive to rent. Trail models are very light and easy to handle and serve as an inexpensive way to begin snowmobiling.

Touring : Touring snowmobiles are designed for up to two riders. The seat configuration features a backrest. Touring models usually include side-mounted mirrors, larger windshields, reverse gear and electric start. They are larger and heavier than both beginner and performance models and are designed for riding longer distances comfortably.

Performance: Performance snowmobiles, feature engines that generate 85 horsepower and up. These vehicles are slightly heavier than the entry-level vehicles and are often equipped with reverse gear and electric start. They are extremely responsive and performance oriented.

Mountain: Snowmobiles made specifically for mountain riding have high horsepower engines, since horsepower is lost at higher elevations. They are longer and narrower which allows for side hilling in mountainous terrain and riding through heavy powder. The riding characteristics of a mountain model generally lend it to better handling abilities in mountain riding than on trail riding.

After you choose the model that best suits your level of experience and your needs, you need to take care of one more thing: clothes! Your ride will be much more comfortable if you wear snow-friendly clothing like bib pants, jackets, gloves, boots and helmets. You may even want snow goggles to protect your eyes from the sun and wind. The rental company you choose may have gear on-site or they might point you in the right direction as to where you can purchase gear.

Finally, our last words of advice: Driving one is easy, however, it is always recommended that first-time riders attend a safety class before operating a snowmobile. A safe ride is a fun ride!


Airsoft: A Growing Sport

The sport of airsoft began as a way to "get around" legislation in the country of Japan. During the late 1950s, firearms in Japan were extremely difficult, if not impossible to obtain due to local laws and regulation. This meant that hunters and gun enthusiasts were not able to enjoy their hobby. So they needed a way to bring the experience of real guns to environment that was hostile toward them.

So they ended up inventing the sport of airsoft. Basic airsoft guns are non-lethal replicas of real guns. They can be spring powered, battery operated, or even CO2 or green gas powered. The cheaper guns tend to be spring powered, while the more expensive ones are gas powered.

This sport can be as extreme as fully tactically gear military simulations, to simplified one off skirmishes, all the way down to just a friendly game, kind of like the sport of paint ball. Events for this sport can be as little as one day, or all the way up to multi-day tournaments that bring in people from all over a region to compete. These events are usually held on weekends, and can be quite exasperating for new (and even old) airsoft players.

There is also a practical application to this sport, and that is training. Recently, there has been a growth in the number of law enforcement and military groups that have gotten into airsoft as a training ground for new officers and troops.

In the last couple of years, the sport has really grown, and there are more and more brand names and companies pushing the products. Why? Because so many more people are playing the sport. The popularity of the sport has hit America, where there is a rapid growth in the number of airsoft enthusiasts. The appeal of the sport is due to its "real life" look and action. America is entertainment driven, and movies have depicted very graphic representations of war, etc. and therefore kids, teens, and adults alike want to have a more realistic experience than some of the other sports like paint ball, that don't deliver the adrenaline rush.

You'll find when you get involved with the sport, that a basic airsoft gun fires 6 mm plastic (or paint) BBs, and can fire at the speed of 100-500 feet per second (commonly known as FPS in this sport's world). If you are interested in a local group of players, just go to google and type in "airsoft" and the name of your city or county, and you should be able to find groups that play on a regular basis. Start interacting with them, get to know what types of gear they use, and what types of scenarios they run for the games. Then you'll need to find a dealer to supply you with everything you need to give you an advantage over your opponents.


The Versatility of Inflatable Sports Kayaks

Few people can afford to buy and maintain aluminum or fiberglass boats. These are extremely expensive, and you have to keep putting money into them in order to take care of them. Luckily, for those who love to spend their summers paddling out on the lake, bay or ocean, there is a great alternative. Inflatable sports kayaks are one of the best investments in outdoor sporting you can make. They are durable, safe and very reasonably priced. With this innovative and versatile boating gear, you can enjoy your summer without worrying about breaking your budget. Whether you're paddling out in the ocean, over river rapids or on a calm lake, there is an ideal inflatable kayak for you.


The price of an inflatable kayak will depend on its size and durability. Obviously, the higher the quality, the higher the price of the kayak will be. Consider your intended use of the kayak when trying to decide which price level is right for you. For example, if you want to use your inflatable sport kayak to battle raging river rapids, you should invest in a higher quality kayak. It is important that the boat be very durable and well-constructed as to avoid damage from rocks. More durable kayaks come with multiple air chambers, so that if you pop a leak in one area, the other area stays inflated. If you only plan on using your kayak for paddling in a calm ocean, bay or lake, a moderate quality inflatable kayak will suffice. There is less chance of damage and leakage in these environments.

Size, Shape and Color

There are several different sizes of inflatable sports kayaks available. The size depends on the amount of people the kayak can hold. A typical kayak holds anywhere from 1 to 3 people. There are two common shapes for inflatable kayaks. One is the classic long shape with pointed ends. This shape would be ideal for speed racing, due to the aerodynamic qualities. There are also inflatable kayaks available with more rounded and cushioned edges. This model is more ideal for casual paddling and floating out on the water. Another great thing about inflatable sports kayaks is their versatility of design. There are tons of great designs and colors to choose from, from neon yellow to classic nautical blue and white stripes.


A great example of the versatility of inflatable sports kayaks are all the different uses they have. You can find an inflatable boat for any type of water in the world. You can take a high quality, durable kayak out on the roughest of river rapids. You can kayak in calm lakes, bays and oceans as well. These boats are a great way to enjoy beautiful scenery, whether you're deep in the woods or on a tropical ocean searching for dolphins. You can paddle alone, with a friend or with the whole family all in one boat. Then, you can deflate the boat and carry it easily to another location. The possibilities are endless with this unbelievably convenient piece of water sporting equipment.


Bmx - Ready To Race

Finding a track is what a potential rider needs to do in order to race. Local bike shops may have information on where the nearest track is. The websites of the National Bicycle League (NBL) or American Bicycle Association (ABA) can also provide you with information so you may want to visit them. In the BMX racing, these are the sanctioning bodies. Insurance and advice to local tracks are what they provide. If you don't have other insurance and got hurt on the track during a race, you'll have some medical insurance as an NBL or ABA member.

To give permission for the child to race, a guardian or parent must accompany the rider. A birth certificate must be shown as proof of age. For a racing license, most tracks charge $15-35 and these licenses are good for a year. There is also an entry fee for each race, which is usually between $6 and $10.

For your first visit to a particular track, get there about two hours before the first race starts. Sign up once you found the trailer or registration tent.

What you can also do is walk around the track. Familiarize yourself and remember where the jumps are. The next thing you have to do is get some practice. Put your helmet and other gear on and follow the others to the starting gate. Watching what they're doing and where they're going is a good idea. When it comes to beginners, they should put their front wheel against the starting gate and keep one foot on the ground and the other on a pedal. When the gate drops, start pedaling. Until you feel comfortable, go slow the first few times.

After practice, the races will be posted. The people at the registration will be the ones to tell you how the race works and where your race will be posted. You will be in a group or "moto" with other riders about your age. You can line with them in the staging area. When your group is called, go up and race! It will be over after it happens 3-4 times, but it depends on the system the track uses. You might get a trophy if you win. But you'll still have fun even if you don't.


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